Gifty Weddings

Making gift registries simple (and fun!)
Only $25, but it’s free to try!

Gifty helps you make your own gift registry that’s not tied to a specific store, so you and your guests can choose gifts from wherever you want.

Gifty only costs $25 and is very easy to use. And there’s no sign-up process for your guests, so it’s dead simple for them to use too.

How it works

For the couple

  • Simple, elegant, inexpensive — only $25.
  • You can try your own registry for free. You only pay when you’re ready for guests to view it.
  • Not tied to a specific store like traditional gift registries. Use it for gifts at any store or for non-store items, charity, and more.
  • See who bought what, but only after the event — no surprises spoiled! Great for sending out thank-you cards.
  • Show a personal message to guests.
  • Categorise gifts easily: kitchen, garage, furniture, etc.
  • Small business run by friendly folks — contact us anytime.

For your guests

  • Very easy to use. No lengthy sign-up process like other registries.
  • Guests cross off what they buy — you won’t end up with four toasters.
  • When crossing off a gift, they can optionally type in their name (for you to see who bought what later).
  • Guests view your registry simply by going to and typing in your names.

Why we made Gifty

Gifty was designed and created by Ben Hoyt. Here’s how Gifty began, in his own words:

When Franci and I got married in 2005, people gave us a lot of presents. That was lovely, of course, but there was a slight “problem” — we ended up with about 25 platters, 19 towels, and 4 toasters.

So when my brother got married, I thought I’d solve the Toaster Problem once and for all. And thus Gifty was born.

Since then, Gifty has been used and enjoyed by many couples in New Zealand and around the world. It’s proudly made in NZ!

And yes, the photo at the top really is Franci going down a flying fox (zip-line) in her wedding dress.

What other couples have said

When not to use Gifty

  • If you want to be restricted to the items another registry lists (Gifty is very flexible and free-form).
  • If you love big chain stores and want to use their store-based registries.
  • If you’re not getting married.
  • When you don’t like good customer service. We respond to every email quickly, and we’ve even been known to add small features on request.
  • If you love a lengthy sign-up process before you can try it out (you can try Gifty with just one click).
  • If you don’t have $25. Yes, we do charge the couple a small one-time fee — but this means we never show advertising, and never owe stores anything.
  • When you care about fancy graphics and slick marketing emails.
  • If you don’t like websites made in New Zealand, by Kiwis.
Go ahead — it’s free to try! You only pay the $25 when you’re ready for guests to view it.